Why Videre?


Videre Travel is boutique travel agency specializing in bucket list trips for families. It is our mission to help and inspire families to create life's best moments through travel.  

Bucket list trips for families are not simple to plan. In fact, the bucket list destinations and experiences in which we specialize are nearly impossible to coordinate on your own.

This is what makes Videre distinct. We know our destinations thoroughly and have more than 20 years experience customizing these extraordinary journeys. Every itinerary is custom-crafted together with our on-the-ground partners, utilizing the best local guides and destination experts to create experiences that delight every member of your family. 

You will return home feeling more connected to one another and inspired by the people and places you encountered along the way. ​


We’ve spent decades fostering relationships with the best guides, tour operators and properties around the world. We intimately know the top hotels and tour companies in top destinations. We're small and nimble; boutique by design.

This means your family will be able to do more than you ever imagined (and return home with some amazing stories!).  

You can feel confident that each itinerary is peppered with exclusive experiences you won't find anywhere else and trust in our exceptional value for money thanks to preferred partnerships, contracted wholesale rates and streamlined, efficient operations.


But perhaps most importantly, throughout your journey enjoy peace of mind knowing you are backed by 24/7 support from a stellar local team should you need anything at all. This confidence allows you to push boundaries and try something new together as a family while creating life's best moments together.

Thanks to our affiliation with Tafari Travel, a Virtuoso Member, we have access to preferred partnerships, amenities and pricing with all the best, luxury hotel brands, access to the most competitive rates on premium class airfare, and local in-destination experts around the world. We are able to pass along VIP perks not available to the general public or average travel agencies.

When you book with us, you have the support of a nation-wide network of travel specialists. From our air team to hotel specialists, we'll be sure your travel plans are managed by an agent who specializes in what you are booking. 

Meet our team below.


Sarah Fazendin

Founder and Director of Travel Design

Sarah Fazendin founded Videre Luxury Travel Concierge in 2015 to help families create cherished memories through bucket list journeys. 

Prior to this, Sarah spent over a decade collaborating with Africa-based safari operators, guides, hotels and government tourism boards. Together they developed more active, transformational wildlife safari experiences that gained support from travelers around the world. Ultimately, this new approach minimized the negative impacts of tourism on delicate ecosystems while financing aggressive conservation programs across Africa.

This experience shaped Sarah’s enduring philosophy around the best travel experiences and continues to influence each and every Videre trip today.

Alongside an all-star, global team of destination experts and partners, Sarah has emerged as the leading authority on bucket list family journeys and remains dedicated to creating life's best moments for families through travel.

Mallory Worthington

Travel Designer

Mallory Worthington enjoyed a youth of exploration; jumping off Auckland tower, swimming with great white sharks in South Africa, sky giving 14,000 feet above Australia's beautiful beaches and walking with lions in Zimbabwe. After starting a family, global exploration looks a bit different but has not slowed her down. 

She began her career in travel working with destination management companies, hotels and other tourism stakeholders to create a tourism-board like platform for travel agents and property-owners to better understand the desires of the modern traveler.  In doing so, she perfected the art of designing unique, efficient itineraries to the world's best bucket list destinations.

At Videre, it is her passion to create amazing itineraries and take the guesswork out of the travel planning process so families can sit back and enjoy the adventure.


Tafari Travel

Luxury Travel Network

Tafari Travel is a luxury, full-service  travel agency based in Southern California with offices nationwide. Tafari enjoys an outstanding reputation for reaching far beyond the status quo, orchestrating imaginative vacations that are considered off-the-radar for most travelers, and are individually tailored around each particular client’s travel ‘bucket list’.

Thanks to our close working relationship with this industry-leading travel agency and their network of travel advisors, Videre Travel clients may be served by Tafari travel advisors as well, supporting all of your travel needs.


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