Frequently Asked Questions


Do you charge a fee for services? How are you compensated?

We are compensated in 2 ways; via negotiated net and contract rates with our travel suppliers around the world and via commission from hotels and airlines.


We do not charge planning fees. Booking with us does not cost you more, in fact most of our rates are better than what you can book online thanks to our relationships and volume pricing.


Can you provide an itemized cost breakdown?

Generally cost breakdown is not possible for complete international itineraries. Our in-country partners negotiate their rates and amenities with each individual service provider, and these are considered confidential and proprietary therefore not available to the public. 


Why are deposits and final payments non-refundable?

Non-refundable deposits are applied to operational costs for our company, our in-country partners and the various suppliers involved in every itinerary. This allows businesses and service providers to get to work delivering your family's itinerary. These non-refundable deposits allow us to lock in the very best pricing while at the same time provide a consistent level of quality and service throughout the booking process. 


How far in advance should we book our travel?

Flights are usually available to book around 300 days in advance. For complex itineraries to destinations like Africa, Peru, and Galapagos it's advisable to book one year in advance.  in destinations like this, properties tend to be quite small and oftentimes permits and access are limited by the government so planning early is essential. 

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