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Japan is probably the best family holiday destination you’ve never heard of. Japan has not only secured the 2019 Rugby World Cup but also the 2020 Olympic Games so the entire world will be hearing a lot about Japan in the coming years.  Accommodation in Japan can even be part of the entertainment – just check into the Hello Kitty Hotel!

Known for being the technology capital of the world, Japan is a country that seems to run at 100mph – or just as fast as its famous bullet train. The entire family will love the stunning neon displays in Tokyo, Pokémon fans will love visiting the Pokémon Mega Centre, and when you need a little peace and tranquillity you can visit Japan’s famous Zen Gardens, discover some martial arts, Mount Fuji, or if you’re after a wildlife experience then Japan’s snow monkeys bathing in the natural hotsprings of Yamanouchi will certainly keep everyone entertained.