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Family-friendly kitesurfing in the Caribbean

Kitesurfing is the world’s fastest growing water sport. You’ve probably seen photos of guys flying through the air, kite in hand - and rightfully thought that this is an extreme sport for fit young people only.

And while kitesurfing’s extreme reputation is certainly well deserved - as a new sport it’s been brought into the mainstream by serious athletes - in fact this is a low-impact life sport the whole family can enjoy together.

If your family skis or snowboards together, you can kitesurf together! Most instructors agree that kids from about the age of 9 or 10 can learn.

We've teamed up with some of the best instructors in the Caribbean to design our unique kid-friendly kitesurf itinerary -  setting families up for success in learning how to kitesurf and developing a lifelong love for the sport.

Is Kitesurfing for right you?

There’s something truly unique about being out on the water, feeling the power of the wind in your kite, and floating across the water that is unique to this sport and what makes it so addictive.

For families who need something more from a beach vacation than laying around by the pool for days on end, kitesurfing is a sport that everyone can do together in countless beach destinations around the world.

Again, if you can ski or snowboard, you can kitesurf!

Why Grand Cayman?

The beach at Barker's National Park on the West End of Grand Cayman island is a perfect spot to learn to kitesurf (also called kiteboarding - the terms are used interchangeably).

Between November and May, the wind is consistent, the water stays perfectly warm so no wetsuit is necessary, and (at least for now) the long, wide beach remains uncrowded.

But most importantly, because the water stays waist deep quite far out from the beach, you can learn with an instructor standing right next to you. This allows for a safer experience mastering the kite and when it’s time to begin putting on the board, the instructor can hold the kite and help get you up more quickly.

Enjoy 3 days of one-on-one instruction - which is typically how long it takes for those completely new to kitesurfing to be able to get up on the board and begin to have fun.

What to do if there is no wind?

While the wind is fairly consistent in Grand Cayman, there is usually one day out of every 5 or 6 with no wind. Fortunately, if you get a day with no wind, there is plenty to do on Grand Cayman.

Charter a boat and explore the underwater world surrounding the island with some snorkeling and a stop at the famed Stingray City.

We’ve also teamed up with the Cayman Islands Sailing Club to offer sailing lessons, also a fun family sport! You can take your new skills to Seven Mile Beach and head out together on a Hobie Cat sail boat.

Interested in learning more about kitesurfing for your family? Get started customizing your family's next adventure today!