Rum Point Cayman Islands

“Give us 10 – 12 minutes,” said the taxi dispatch. My husband and I laughed and the preciseness of this information, yet exactly 11 minutes later our taxi arrived. We were even more surprised to see that this dispatch was happening from inside the taxi! Our friendly driver not only was driving us, but answering calls and radioing drivers at the same time.

And this is what makes Cayman such a great place to visit! This isn’t a world where mobile apps dominate daily life, but everything works with surprising efficiency albeit with a unique Caymanian twist.

Grand Cayman is impressively clean, safe, friendly, easy to get around and unlike many other Caribbean islands, not overdeveloped. The newest big, luxury hotel on the island only has 60 rooms, and residential-style villas and condos far outnumber hotels and resorts. The roads and beaches are pristine and well maintained.

Locals are happy, healthy, and employed. While there are plenty of accommodation options right on the spectacular and well-known 7 Mile Beach in Grand Cayman, for a more relaxed, more authentic Cayman experience consider booking a villa on Cayman Kai, also known as Rum Point. You can see this on the upper right corner of the map below.

Here’s why you should consider staying in Cayman Kai Rum Point in the Cayman Islands for your next family beach vacation.

Tucked Away from the Crowds but Easily Connected by Water

This area is located about an hour drive from the airport and 7 Mile Beach area. There is a simple 2 lane road that goes around the island, and one that cuts north, bisecting the island towards “the Kai.”

Here, the road turns to sand and at the end of the point you’ll find several villas, a few simple restaurants (including the Rum Point Club), and basically your family’s personal beach playground! Here kids can safely swim (the water is quite shallow a ways out as the reef protects most of the shoreline here) and run around as there is hardly any traffic.

It’s easy to hop in a water taxi to get over to the 7 Mile Beach area (about 25 minutes by boat).  Furthermore, if you book a boat excursion (which is a must when you’re in the Cayman Islands!) most of the companies will pick you up right from Rum Point so you don’t have to get all the way to the other side of the island, which is very convenient.

SO much to do right in the Kai!

One of the best things about Cayman Kai Rum Point is how much there is to do within walking/ swimming distance. Here you can easily kayak to Starfish Beach, where you’ll find plenty of the bright orange creatures living, access the Bioluminescent Bay, which comes to life after dark if the moon cycle is just right, and fabulous snorkeling right from the beach.

Cayman Kai Rum Point is also a short drive from one of the best kite surfing beaches in the Caribbean.

Wide Range of Villa Inventory

There are no hotels in the Cayman Kai Rum Point. However, you will find a wide range of villa inventory, from the large and luxe to more cheap and cheerful options. I’ve personally seen many of the villas here, and happy to help your family decide on the perfect one. Total inventory, however, is limited so best to book well in advance for a Cayman Kai Rum Point Cayman Islands family getaway.

Thinking about the Cayman Islands for you next family trip? Contact us today to get started planning!

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