Visit Yelapa Beach Near Puerta Vallarta

Wherever in the world you may be traveling, the very most memorable experiences are almost always are tied to interactions with local people and cultures.

Even while enjoying a relaxing beach vacation at a large resort, my clients almost always consider an authentic meal or unique excursion beyond the walls of the resort one of the most memorable highlights.

On a recent trip to Punta Mita and Puerto Vallarta Mexico, we had an opportunity to experience the local culture in a way other areas of Mexico don’t offer. From the charming old town boardwalk to beaches filled with more locals than tourists, Puerto Vallarta offers a look into authentic Mexican culture other areas around the country do not.

A visit to Yelapa Beach Puerto Vallarta was a stand-out fabulous day and wonderful way to experience local culture away from crowds and certainly a memorable experience for everyone my group.

The best way to get to this hidden beach is to charter a private boat. There are several people who charter really nice boats from the main pier in town, and most resorts also have an activities desk on property that can assist. This is relatively inexpensive, and while everything is negotiable, should cost around $300 for a 6 hour charter.

Yelapa is a small town built into the side of the mountains. It also happens to be on one of the most beautiful beaches in the area, and is only accessible by boat.  As you can imagine, this area is rugged and basic, but stunningly beautiful.

Yelapa is about a one hour boat ride from the main pier in Puerto Vallarta. You’ll pass some impressive arch formations in the water, a popular snorkeling point near the city, and continue on hugging the coastline until you round the corner to discover this hidden beach.

Be sure to arrive as early as possible in the day. Several larger boats may come and go, some with cruise ship passengers. So the earlier you can get there the better to snag your seat.

Here you can order drinks, food, rent a stand up paddle board and spend the day splashing in the clear water. The water is super calm and ideal for paddle boarding and kayaking. If you are eager to swim in the ocean, this is a great place to do it. Aside from Punta Mita, most of the beaches in Puerto Vallarta proper are not swimmable.

The floor at the restaurant is sand, but everything feels clean and the food was delicious. It’s all the more impressive when you see the boats unloading all supplies for the restaurants and homes. Every last thing comes into Yelapa by boat.

Certain times of the year there is a beautiful waterfall you can hike to (it was fairly dry when we were there and not very impressive), and also some nice restaurants in town to enjoy.

Then, on your way home at the end of the day, be sure to stop for snorkeling along the rocky coast or peek into some of the other beaches before returning to the pier. Not only is this a fabulous beach outing if you’re craving a swimmable beach, but a fun way to experience local culture.

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