What Travel Pros Are Dreaming About Now

The initial shock of the COVID-19 global pandemic has subsided and we're all settling into several more weeks of social distancing and quarantine.

While our plans may be on hold for now and 2020 schedules reconfigured, we are heartened to hear a LOT of talk about future trip planning.

Recently, we posted 4 bucket list trips we're super excited about here at Videre Travel.

Check out the destinations we're excited about here.

This post generated so much awesome feedback and conversation we decided to ask some of our friends and colleagues around the travel industry what they are looking forward to as well.

Here's where the travel pros are dreaming about right now!

Gabriella Truman

Gabriella Truman runs TRUMARKETING, one of our favorite travel industry sales and marketing firms, representing tourist boards, destination management companies and hotel partners around the world.

This year she has a very special adventure on her list, a visit to her 7th continent!

Check out what bucket list trips she has in the works.

Epperly Travel

The team of travel designers at Atlanta-based full service travel agency Epperly Travel have some big bucket list plans!

From the Azores to the Seychelles, check out what Team Epperly are dreaming about.


Jacob Marek, founder of Inrovertravels, travels the globe as a “social introvert,”discovering unique, off-the-beaten-path locations that incorporate elements of nature, culture, and history.

He was in Columbia when this all hit and had to scramble home before the borders closed, while at the same time helping manage clients like the rest of us. Discover why he's eager to get back to Columbia.

Now more than ever, it's important to have something to look forward to. Planning a bucket list trip is one of the best parts of the process! When you're ready to start planning - you can find us here!

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