Trips We're Planning Now

I’m writing this on Day 18 of our family’s COVID lock down here in Denver, Colorado. After a hectic (and if I'm being honest, sad) few weeks supporting and rescheduling all of our clients who had planned travel for April and May, we're settling into the reality of being locked down for another month.

With this unexpected time to prepare and plan for the months and years ahead I've been doing some travel dreaming. Here are 4 bucket list trips I am particularly excited about for my own family!

See Northern Lights in Iceland

Iceland's beautiful Blue Lagoon and colorful Reykjavik have been growing in popularity in recent years, but there is SO much to see and do here off the beaten path. Namely, check out the Northern Lights.

Deplar Farm, part of the Eleven Experience collection of luxury lodges around the world, is the perfect home base for this adventure.

In addition to seeing the Northern Lights, here expert guide teams lead epic heli-skiing, thermal waterfall, and fat-biking excursions. The perfect winter getaway for adventurous families!

Sailing in the Caribbean

Now that our kids are older, our family isn't really interested in just laying around on the beach all day. Rather, we love exploring, trying new sports, new adventures.

After learning the basics of sailing in the Cayman Islands late last year, we’re super excited to book a sailing trip around the Virgin Islands in the near future!

While we're still a ways off from being able to captain our own vessel, catamarans can be chartered with a captain and hostess to ensure safety, comfort and local expertise.

Swim With Whale Sharks in Baja California Sur

Literally as I write this - we are supposed to be in Baja California Sur Mexico swimming with whale sharks in the Sea of Cortez.

Cabo is a fabulous family destination! This area has the perfect combination of big resorts with all the “bells and whistles” that pre-teens and teenagers love, charming towns like Todos Santos and La Paz, and truly unique wildlife experiences around the stunning Espiritu Santo Island.

We've rebooked our own Spring Break and can't wait to explore some of Cabo - both the cities and off the beaten path.

Hike to Ancient History in Greece

Now is a great time to be planning a trip to Greece. This destination is always popular with families thanks to a unique combination of history, culture and of course some of the world's most famous beaches.

However, some of the most famous historical sites and the islands can get quite busy during summer months. While of course we don't have a crystal ball, as the global tourism economy recovers now might be a good time to experience a popular destination like Greece without the crowds.

One experience in Greece we’re super excited about is hiking to the 14th century monasteries in Meteora. The combination of a striking landscape of tall, sandstone rock towers and centuries-old monasteries perched atop makes it one of the most picturesque places in the world.

So that’s what I’m planning. What’s on your bucket list? Don’t stop dreaming! And when you're ready to start planning, we'll be ready for you!

** This is a post by Sarah Fazendin, founder of Videre Travel.

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