Sample Itineraries - Our Favorite Bucket List Trips 


Machu Picchu is the definition of a bucket list family trip. This hidden city is as impressive as it looks in photos, Peruvians are warm, friendly and adore children. Have a look at our hiking adventure here (which also combines perfectly with the Galapagos Islands!)



Tahiti is a great destination to explore by boat. A sailing itinerary typically includes easy passages within the protected waters behind the beautiful coral reefs that encircle the islands, allowing for relaxed sailing in one of the most exotic cruising grounds in the world.

Spend a few nights on the boat, and end with a few nights in Bora Bora. Check out the itinerary here. 

Tahiti Paul Gauguin 13.jpg


Crested Butte Colorado is one of America’s greatest ski towns. Tucked away between the Rocky and San Juan mountain ranges, this old mining town has quietly become the destination for mountain fun.

For families looking for something a little different from their next ski trip, getting out in to the back country, learning about avalanche safety and skiing fresh powder - all without crowds or lift lines - we've got the perfect experience for you!

Together with expert ski instructors and professional wilderness backcountry guides, we have created this totally unique program for families.



An African safari is the ultimate family adventure. Discovering the wildlife, culture, and stunning landscapes of Africa together as a family consistently ranks as an all time favorite experience among our clients.

East Africa, including Kenya and Tanzania, is the Africa most people have in mind when they think of Africa and is always my suggestion for a first time safari in Africa. Here you have the iconic Acacia trees, bright red sunsets, strong Maasai warriors, colorful ladies in the markets, and of course prolific wildlife and big game on the world renown Serengeti plains.  Check out a sample itinerary here. 



Italy, home to great antiquities, stunning landscapes and of course La Dolce Vita, has so much to offer families. We keep kids engaged and moving, and sprinkle in a little education throughout! Here's an epic family adventure in Italy.


If time allows, consider combining Italy and Greece for an in-depth historical and cultural experience.

Image by Christopher Czermak


The British Virgin Islands so aptly referred as - “One of Nature’s Little Secrets” still remain the best charter sailing grounds in the world.

These islands offer indescribable beauty from mountaintops to calm, turquoise waters, and pristine, white sandy beaches spanning over 50 islets. Each unique and picturesque island is simply a hop away from another spectacular spot.

Enjoy phenomenal dive and snorkel sites, vibrant beach bars and restaurants, and
much, much more.

Have a look at a one week itinerary here.