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Thanks so much for taking time to read these important Terms and Conditions. These points are highlighted for emphasis, and complete Terms and Conditions are found below.

​1. QUOTED PRICING: Quote/option pricing is not guaranteed until Videre Travel receives payment or credit card guarantee. If we do not receive final payment by the specified date, we reserve the right to cancel the reservation. In the case of billing errors, we reserve the right to re-invoice with correct pricing. It is not possible to provide detailed cost breakdowns for complete itineraries.

2. DEPOSITS AND FINAL PAYMENT: To secure your booking, Videre Travel requires the Client to pay a non-refundable deposit at the time of confirmation of the trip or journey.  The deposit is typically 30% of the final price, though in some cases the percent due to confirm a trip can be 50% up to payment in full if the date of travel is within 60 days. All deposits are non-refundable. The remaining balance is due no later than sixty (60) days prior to the start date for the trip or journey and payment in full becomes non-refundable at the time of payment.  Failure to remit final payment by the deadline may result in the cancellation of your trip or journey and the Client will forfeit the entire deposit. In addition, no tickets or documents for trips requiring travel will be released to the Client until final payment is received. ​

3. TRAVEL INSURANCE and CANCELLATIONS: We suggest in the strongest way possible that all travelers purchase travel insurance for each and every trip. While you may feel some circumstances warrant leniency on cancellation penalties, it is not for Videre Travel to make this decision. We always recommend travel insurance for this reason, read our complete statement on Travel Insurance here. All cancellations must be advised in writing. At the time of booking you will be advised of the cancellation policy of your hotel and/or program. If a cancellation policy has not been provided to you, you are to assume the booking is non-refundable. Cancellation policies vary and are implemented by the supplier. 

​4. FEE SCHEDULE: Videre Travel charges non-refundable fees for travel planning services including:

- $50 ticketing fee per person for all flights (per person airline ticket)

- 3% for all credit card transactions

- Trip planning begins at $500 per trip for new clients

- Annual retainer-based services begin at $1,500 for new clients

The company reserves the right to waive or adjust these fees at any time.



​A valid passport is required for all international travelers. Your passport must be valid at least six months after your date of return to the U.S. The name on your reservation must match the name on your passport. Non-U.S. citizens must consult with the appropriate consulates to determine if any additional visas are needed. It is suggested that all passengers, regardless of the passport they hold, check with the appropriate consulates of the countries being visited to determine if any visas are needed. Currently the following popular countries to visit require visas for United States citizens that in some cases MUST be organized in advance and is the sole responsibility of the traveler. Videre Travel can not process Visas on your behalf, though we can assist when possible. Failure to secure a Visa if needed means you will be denied boarding on your outbound international flight (please note, there are additional countries that require visas that are not included in this list):

  • India (e-visa)

  • Australia (e-visa)

  • New Zealand (e-visa)

  • China

  • Bhutan

  • Russia

  • Cuba

  • Vietnam (visa upon arrival)

  • Cambodia (visa upon arrival)

  • Kenya and Tanzania (visa upon arrival)

  • Maldives (visa upon arrival)

  • Seychelles (visa upon arrival)

6. COVID-19: An inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any public place where people are present. COVID-19 is an extremely contagious disease that can lead to severe illness and death. By traveling, you voluntarily assume all risks to exposure to COVID-10. Furthermore, as countries begin to reopen and react to the very fluid pandemic situation, destinations may impose restrictions and requirements that could impact the course, cost and timing of your trip.

7. AIR: As a courtesy to our clients, Videre Travel will book air travel if requested. However, in the event of a global pandemic or other event in which travelers prefer to cancel and flights are non-refundable (as is customary), Videre Travel will not be held liable for the airlines ultimate decision to refund a flight or not. Videre Travel will not be held liable if the credit card company confirms a dispute. In the event of a successful credit card dispute, Videre Travel will invoice the client for the disputed amount.


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