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Travel insurance protects both your investment in your upcoming trip as well as your health and safety while traveling. We strongly suggest purchasing travel insurance for every family trip.

Here are just a few recent situations our clients have experienced where travel insurance prevented stress and saved them money;

  • A recent cyclone in the South Pacific forced a family traveling in Fiji to travel home half way through their trip, forfeiting 6 nights of pre-paid, non-refundable accommodations and private sea plane transfers. 

  • A small domestic airline in Chile cancelled a flight about 2 hours before take off, and the later flight on which the clients were rescheduled forced them to miss a connecting flight which resulted in an overnight in Santiago, and forfeited night at a remote luxury lodge, again pre-paid in full and non-refundable. 

  • A family traveling in Spain had a few pieces of luggage lost on the way over. The luggage never caught up to them for the duration of their trip. Travel insurance provided an allocation to purchase replacement materials for what was in the luggage so they could continue on with the trip in comfort. 

In each of these situations, travel insurance coverage provided financial reimbursement as well as peace of mind to the families traveling. They were able to make the best decisions for their family's safety and enjoyment without having to worry about financial or other concerns out of their control. 


We work with Travelex, a third party insurance provider. Their Travel Select policy is the plan most of our clients purchase, as the coverage is robust and children are covered free of charge. Regardless of plan purchased, recommended coverage includes cancellation insurance and out of state/ country health insurance, to insure you against the risks described in the applicable policy that may occur prior to, during or after your trip.

We highly recommend the purchase of travel insurance, but the purchase of travel insurance is at the sole discretion of you, our Client.

It is extremely important, and the client's responsibility, to review coverage directly with the travel insurance company prior to purchase so you understand what is covered and how the coverage may apply to your particular trip. Videre Travel is not able to provide any explanation of benefits or interpretation of policy or coverage whatsoever.  Clients must work directly with Travelex, or the travel insurance company, on any explanation of benefits and should do this prior to purchasing. Travelex can be reached at +1-800-504-7883 with any questions prior to purchase.


It is important to note that standard travel insurance policies include trip cancellation coverage for specific reasons, but do not allow you to cancel a trip and secure reimbursement for "any reason". Insurance covers things like canceling for illness, business reasons, and inclement weather. Unless the policy specifically includes "cancel for any reason" coverage, which is a premium upgrade to a plan, travelers may not cancel a trip and be reimbursed for non-refundable payments when canceling for a reason not specifically listed as covered in the policy. 


The third party insurance provider is unrelated to Videre Travel and all terms and conditions and premiums, etc. are through a direct arrangement between the Client and said third party insurance provider. In the event of an incident or claim, Videre Travel will provide supporting documentation as necessary including outlining payments made, planned itineraries and confirmed travel arrangements, however Videre Travel is not able to secure refunds or reimbursements directly from travel suppliers. Also, there may be documentation required (such as letters from medical professionals in the event of trip cancellation for medical reasons) that the client will be responsible for obtaining. 

Travel insurance must be purchased within 14 days of a payment of deposit for travel or purchase of flights for the most complete coverage, including that of pre-existing medical conditions. ​Standard named perils, including pandemics and epidemics, are not typically covered in most policies. 


We offer a travel insurance quote to all travelers at the time of booking. If you opt not to purchase travel protection through Videre Travel within 14 days of a deposit payment, that serves as acknowledgement that you have been made aware of the availability of travel insurance coverage and have either purchased elsewhere or expressly declined to purchase and fully understand the implications of traveling without travel insurance coverage.