Why Videre Travel?

It's simple. You can not plan and book

custom trips like this on your own.

When you work with Videre Travel you gain access to truly unique experiences and are served by a team of experts every step of the way. We like to call this combo un-Googleable. You simply can't search online for these experiences or expect to hit up Google and find an all-star team like the professionals behind every Videre Travel trip. 


Here's a bit more about why you should hire us to plan and book your family travel experiences.

Connect Good People with Good People 

At Videre Travel we love, love, love our clients and we also love, love, love our partners around the world who make the magic happen. Every trip we design begins with a matchmaking process.


First, we get to know you, your family and what you want to experience through travel. Then, we reach out to a local in-destination team who will be the best fit for you. We have a robust network of travel professionals around the world.

These are solid relationships that have been nurtured for well over 2 decades.  

Connecting good people with good people is the first step in our travel design process.

Feel Excited and Inspired

Travel is fun. Travel should excite you and encourage you to try new things. Travel should make you feel alive.  


We work hard to bring itineraries to life for you during the planning process. Our itinerary app helps us present trips in a beautiful format, and enhances the collaborative nature of the planning process. 

We strive to make travel planning fun and stress-free for you - leaving you excited and inspired for the journey ahead. 

Solve Problems

And when problems arise, we've got your back. 


Particularly when traveling to exotic destinations (and also as the world emerges from a global pandemic!)- patience, flexibility and  a sense of adventure are required.  But our local teams on the ground have seen it all, are clued into the latest information in destination and excel at adjusting when necessary.  

We're expert problem solvers (and supported by expert problem solvers!) In addition to our personal global network, we're supported by our association with Tafari Travel and membership in Virtuoso, a by-invitation-only luxury travel network comprised of the leading travel companies in the world.  

We Help You Feel Confident


Our goal is to help you feel confident every step of the way. Confident that the itinerary is right for you and your family. Confident that you have the support you need. Confident that you will feel safe and well cared for while traveling.

And confident that your family will love the trip.

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sarah fazendin

Founder and Director of Travel Design

Sarah Fazendin founded Videre Travel in 2015 to help families create their most cherished memories. Today, she is joined by a rapidly growing network of travel designers based around the USA, unified in this mission. 


Prior to this, Sarah spent 15 years working with Africa-based safari operators and government tourism boards. Together they launched groundbreaking wildlife safaris combining active adventure & luxury accommodations that ushered in a new era of experiential, sustainable travel. This approach to travel design remains at the heart of every Videre Travel itinerary today. 

Sarah is regularly featured in international media outlets and was recently honored by Conde Nast Traveler magazine as a Top Travel Specialist.


Together with her husband and two adventurous kiddos, Sarah spends most weekends exploring wild places of the Western United States from their home in Denver, Colorado.

mallory worthington

Travel Designer

Mallory Worthington enjoyed a youth of exploration; jumping off Auckland tower, swimming with great white sharks in South Africa, sky giving 14,000 feet above Australia's beautiful beaches and walking with lions in Zimbabwe. After starting a family, global exploration began to look a bit different - but most certainly has not slowed her down. 


Mallory began her career in travel managing sales and marketing for luxury resorts and safari lodges, tour operators and other tourism stakeholders.  In doing so, she perfected the art of designing unique, efficient itineraries to the world's best bucket list destinations.


At Videre Travel, she continues to connect good people with good people - matching her clients with the best local teams to create seamless, inspired travel itineraries.


tafari travel

Luxury Travel Network

Videre Travel proudly partners with Tafari Travel.  As a Virtuoso member agency, Tafari enjoys an outstanding reputation within the industry and preferred partnerships with global, luxury travel brands.

From time to time, the team at Tafari Travel often assists Videre clients directly with hotel bookings and luxury cruises, providing our clients to access to an even wider network of travel expertise.